Canning Notes

This page is more for me than for you, but you can look at it if you want. :)

Every time I can something, I take notes on what I've done, and then I lose whatever scrap of paper I've jotted on. So I'm taking notes here because I'll always know where I put it.

  • 2012: 20 lbs for $30, made 16 pints jam and 7 half pints syrup plus a little left over. 
  • For jam, used recipe on with 4 cups sugar and low-sugar pectin. Used entire 4.7 oz container of pectin
  • For syrup, used recipe on for no-pectin jam. Took forever to get to 230 degrees and has very cooked flavor.

  • 2013: Whole bushel sliced peaches for $40. Made 20 quarts. 
  • Used the skins from the peaches and about 8 of the mushier peaches to make jam. Cut out the pits, boiled it all with some water, than ran it through the victorio strainer. Not as good as jam with chopped up peaches, but so much easier.
  • Need 3 boxes pectin, 5 bags sugar, 40+ lids, freezer bags, fruit fresh

  • 2012 bought two boxes of "canning tomatoes" from farmers market - $20 plus $20 worth of other vegetables
  • used "Michael's recipe" (check email)

  • 2012 made one batch dill pickles and one batch bread and butter

  • 2012 - Couldn't find any good deals on apples at the farmers market! Bought 10 half pecks for $60. Made 16 jars.
  • Used skins to make apple syrup using recipe for peach honey
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