Sunday, January 31, 2010

Freaky Weather

Last Monday, the weather was in the 60s, so while we were grocery shopping, I decided that we needed to have the First Picnic of the Year. January is kind of early for the first picnic, but as my kids know, Momma loves picnics.

So the picnic consisted of Doritos, bananas, and chocolate milk. Here are a couple happy faces:

By Thursday, the temp had dropped to the 40s, so we stayed indoors and built tents.

Friday night, the snow started. Eli and Cole took some boxes out to our backyard hill and attempted to sled.

Rylan feels the same way about snow as I do.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Marbles goodness

They have the most awesome new exhibit at Marbles about money. There are little shops and a bank and an assembly line that moves balls along an extensive system of pulleys and tubes (that part is driving the workers crazy because the balls keep getting stuck).

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fruit of the Loom

At Marbles

Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Day Pictures

We spent Christmas Day with my family at Miriam's house in Philadelphia.

Earlier this year, Cole and Eli asked if we could get a Wii. I told them that if they saved up their allowance until they had $100, Michael and I would chip in the rest of the money for a Wii for Christmas. Amazingly enough, my little six-year-old and four-year-old saved up the money, so we bought a Wii as our family gift - to everyone from everyone.

On Christmas morning, they got their stockings with home-sewn superhero capes, pencils, puzzles, books, and some junk food. Rylan also got a home-sewn apron. (I had lofty goals to make all three of them aprons, but my thrift store sewing machine sucks so I didn't get done in time.)

Rylan wasn't quite sure what to make of Christmas.

But Tess quickly figured out that it means lots of granola bars and weird jamamas.

Later that day, we went sledding on a big hill next to a high school near Miriam's house. Best sledding I've done since the time I went sledding on the ski slopes in Switzerland.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snow Pictures

Playing in the snow at Miriam's house:

Kellie started them in a snowfight, and Eli was brutal.

Kellie also showed them how to use snow shovels to throw snow at each other. Isn't she a good aunt?

The snow fight ended with Eli throwing snow in Cole's face. The inevitable ending.

(Kellie and I laughed pretty hard behind our mittens.)

Cole says...

Apparently, Rylan has been playing with the alarm clock in the boys' room, so several nights for the past few months, the alarm has gone off at midnight, freaking out the boys.

Last night, Cole came running into our room screaming after the alarm went off, wanting me to go turn it off.

I brilliantly said, "Cole, you know how to turn off the alarm. Why don't you turn it off?"

Cole, freaking out: "I can't!"

Me: "You can."

Cole freaking out: "I'm scared!"

Michael: "Just go do it."

Cole, freaking out, headed back to his room and switched off the alarm.

Me: "Good job, Cole! You're so brave."

Cole, in a parents-are-idiots voice: "Momma...I've done it before..."

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rylan says...

"Me wawa yuk."

Which translates to "My wallet is yucky" (we found it under the couch).

For those who read this blog but haven't heard - we think Rylan has a speech disorder, so even though he's two and a month, he only says about 40 words. So I'm pretty excited that he's starting to put sentences together.

On the downside, he finally figured out how to say "no". Bummer.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Playground Pictures

Some pre-vacation pictures that I like. Taking the camera with me to the playground gives me something to do besides being a "spotter" for Rylan, so you can expect to see lots of playground pictures this year.

I love the next two pictures because they are so perfectly Eli and Cole. Eli: exuberant. Cole: Grrrr...

But they're still best buds.

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