Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Other Day Josh and Jaime

The Other Day Josh and Jaime

Yes, Jaime, you really are taller than Josh.

First Root Beer Floats Ever

At the grocery store the other day, I mentioned that I like root beer floats, and Cole was like, "Root beer what?"

That was a situation that needed to be remedied.

root beer floats

It's funny to me that Cole had never even tried pop until a year ago, and here I am letting Rylan have a root beer float. I am surely slacking off as a parent.

root beer floats

root beer floats

The verdict? Just as delicious as Momma said it would be.

Michael and I have had some discussion about what to teach the boys to call carbonated beverages. I say we should embrace our Southern sides and call it Coke. He says we should say soda. I say, where have you ever lived that they call it soda, you pansy. He says just don't call it pop.

What do you think we should call it? Let's have a vote!

cole blogs:geuss what happend.

Today I don't have a picture.Anyway let's talk about something else.Today I made a comic book.
Yesterday I made another book but not a comic book.

Super Rylan

My friend Tiffany has a bee costume that Rylan immediately puts on everytime we go over there. He calls himself "Super Bee."

At home, he has to be content with simply being Super Rylan.

super Rylansuper Rylan
super Rylansuper Rylan

Rylan says...

Rylan: Me fall on me butt.

Me: Did you hurt your tooshie?

Rylan: No, me butt.

Me: Your bum?

Rylan: No! Me butt!

Me: Okay...

Rylan: Call it that, Momma. Butt.

I kid you not. He actually said that to me.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where, oh where has my little hair gone?

My (lack of) Hair

As most readers of this blog know, my little brother Stephan has cancer and last week he started his first (and hopefully only) round of chemotherapy treatment which will last for the next 3 months. Since we're living about 10 hours apart, it's not that easy for me to go over and lend him a hand when he needs it or spend some time with him to lift up his spirits. So I decided to show my support and encouragement with my razor. And I have to say, it's kind of nice during the hot summer months... so good timing Stephan on your cancer :)

Rylan, being the highly suggestible 2 year old that he is, decided that he wanted to share in the head sheering. His older brothers probably would have shared his fate but in the nick of time, their dad decided it was better to wait until Mommy got home and could weigh in.

On Monday night, for Family Home Evening, we put together a small package for Stephan. Since we know that his treatment sessions are several hours long and pretty boring, we thought we'd help him pass the time by sending him some DVDs and books to help him kill some time. On the DVD front we included The Goonies, Season 1 of Arrested Development, Season 1 of Pushing Daises, Season 1 of Firefly and for books we sent Ender's Game and The Lincoln Lawyer. I spent a few minutes also looking for my copy of Good Omens, but then remembered that I had lent that to Erin's dad. I know that in the grand scheme of things it's not a lot, but we felt that anything to show Stephan that we love him and we know he'll pull through is probably better than nothing.

Our Worms


If you don't know, we've been experimenting with vermicomposting, which is another way to say pet worms. Basically we have a plastic bin where we put some of our food waste (instead of putting in the trash to end up in a landfill) and the worms eat it up and turn it into compost. On a side note, the worms also provide a steady supply of fishing bait.

While we also have a more normal compost tumbler, we actually started with the worms first. It's kind of nice to have them chewing through the food and it seems to work a bit faster than our other composter. It also smells a lot better.

This weekend we started to tear out our summer garden and get ready for our fall garden. In doing so we decided that the worms had thoroughly devoured their food and it was time to put their pooh to good use. Erin and Eli separated the worms from their droppings while Rylan watched. Cole was too scared to even attempt to help. What kind of a boy are we raising who doesn't like to play with worms or dirt?!

After separating the worms out we mixed the compost in with the garden soil and then shredded up some newspaper to make the worms a new home in their old bin. We then added some kitchen odds and ends (parts of tomatoes, onions, cantaloupe rinds, etc) to give them a nice big meal in their refurbished place. If you're ever curious about how to have your own pet worms (whether you're interested in nice rich compost, good bait, or you just like 'em fried) I'm sure we'd be willing to share any secrets we have.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ward Picnic and Raleigh Wide Open

Yesterday was our ward's annual cookout. The weather was drizzly and cool (about time after all the heat!!!), but that was fine because there were some water activities planned. If you're going to get wet anyway, it might as well be raining.

Y'all know how I feel about unplanned wetness, but I ventured out from under the shelter for a few pictures (with an umbrella of course).

4th of July picnic

Eli and Cole have a talent for catching water balloons in a towel (or maybe it was the guy behind them who was helping them out). They caught six ballons and were awarded a candy bar.

4th of July picnic
This lovely 10-year-old volunteered to pair up with Rylan. I could tell she was getting frustrated that every time they caught a balloon, Rylan would flip it out of the towel so it popped, but she did her best not to let it bother her. They ended up with two balloons, and then Rylan wanted to know, "Where's my candy bar?"

4th of July picnic

Even Michael took a turn at the balloon catching.

After the picnic, we headed downtown for Raleigh's annual "extreme" party. We caught the tail end of a band Michael wanted to see (I Was Totally Destroying It), watched some motocross stunts (before Cole got too scared and demanded that we leave), and finished the day with a Roman circus that was awesome. I really need to work on my hula hooping skills.
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