Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ward Picnic and Raleigh Wide Open

Yesterday was our ward's annual cookout. The weather was drizzly and cool (about time after all the heat!!!), but that was fine because there were some water activities planned. If you're going to get wet anyway, it might as well be raining.

Y'all know how I feel about unplanned wetness, but I ventured out from under the shelter for a few pictures (with an umbrella of course).

4th of July picnic

Eli and Cole have a talent for catching water balloons in a towel (or maybe it was the guy behind them who was helping them out). They caught six ballons and were awarded a candy bar.

4th of July picnic
This lovely 10-year-old volunteered to pair up with Rylan. I could tell she was getting frustrated that every time they caught a balloon, Rylan would flip it out of the towel so it popped, but she did her best not to let it bother her. They ended up with two balloons, and then Rylan wanted to know, "Where's my candy bar?"

4th of July picnic

Even Michael took a turn at the balloon catching.

After the picnic, we headed downtown for Raleigh's annual "extreme" party. We caught the tail end of a band Michael wanted to see (I Was Totally Destroying It), watched some motocross stunts (before Cole got too scared and demanded that we leave), and finished the day with a Roman circus that was awesome. I really need to work on my hula hooping skills.

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