Sunday, July 25, 2010

Follow Ups

I just spent the last hour reading through the archives on this blog and realized that there are a couple things I need to update.

Rylan's tubes

We had a follow-up visit to the doctor a few weeks ago, and his tubes and ears look fine. They re-did the hearing test, and even though he had passed before, I was amazed at how much better he did this time, immediately hearing and responding to every sound. Since the surgery, his vocabulary has multiplied dramatically, but he's extremely difficult to understand (like all of my boys have been). We'll probably give him awhile longer to see if he'll sort it out on his own like Cole did or if he'll need to have speech therapy like Eli did.

The Secret Hideout

The secret hideout predictably morphed into a pirate ship.

Complete with cannon

And treasure map

Third: A few people protested last time when I wrote that Cole is the "Creative One" and Rylan is the "Cute One" but didn't give Eli a title. Eli is without a doubt the Funny One. He has had a natural talent for humor since he was a toddler (I swear it's true, even though people thought it was weird when I said my toddler was funny). He is also perpetually in a good mood, which we appreciate very much around here except when he's tired and gets crazy happy.

This is all Eli:

Me: Come on, boys. I want to take a picture.
Eli: We're ready!

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