Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Day Pictures

We spent Christmas Day with my family at Miriam's house in Philadelphia.

Earlier this year, Cole and Eli asked if we could get a Wii. I told them that if they saved up their allowance until they had $100, Michael and I would chip in the rest of the money for a Wii for Christmas. Amazingly enough, my little six-year-old and four-year-old saved up the money, so we bought a Wii as our family gift - to everyone from everyone.

On Christmas morning, they got their stockings with home-sewn superhero capes, pencils, puzzles, books, and some junk food. Rylan also got a home-sewn apron. (I had lofty goals to make all three of them aprons, but my thrift store sewing machine sucks so I didn't get done in time.)

Rylan wasn't quite sure what to make of Christmas.

But Tess quickly figured out that it means lots of granola bars and weird jamamas.

Later that day, we went sledding on a big hill next to a high school near Miriam's house. Best sledding I've done since the time I went sledding on the ski slopes in Switzerland.

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