Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cole the kindergartener

Yesterday, I registered Cole for kindergarten. Holy freakin' crap, my baby is going to kindergarten in only six months!!!

I spent the whole day feeling pretty down. How could he be so big? How will Eli and I survive without Cole to boss us around all day?

Plus, I read this book called Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picault last weekend about a (fictional) school shooting, only it was partially from the perspective of the parents, starting when the kid is a baby, and progressing to the shooting in his junior year. The poor kid never fit in and was made fun of constantly, so you sort of empathize with him, even though you don't feel his actions were right.

Well, I was a dorky kid who never fit in, and Michael was a dorky kid who probably fit in better than me but was also teased more. So I spent the whole weekend worried about how Cole isn't going to fit in at school because he reads like a fifth grader and talks like a tenth grader, loves art and music (not sports), and has trouble not attacking people when he's angry...

Cole, on the other hand, is psyched about starting school. All day yesterday:

"Momma, I think we need to buy me a new lunchbox. One of those kinds with a handle like kids always carry to school. Can we go get it today?"

"Momma, when do I get to start kindergarten? But that's so far away!

And today, while lecturing him:

Me: Cole, why do I punish you?

Cole: So I can learn. But punishments don't teach me!

Me: Well, if punishments don't work, how are you going to learn to follow the rules?

Cole: By going to school.

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