Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Snow

Eli, Cole, and the snowman

Enough this time to build a snowman. I mean, Michael, Cole, and Eli built a snowman. I sat inside where it was warm, and only went outside long enough to take a couple pictures.

Cole hugs the snowman

Eli hugs the snowman

Cole behind the snowman

Cole's snow angel

snow angels

Rylan says no to snow

And Rylan watched from the porch..."Uh, uh, Momma. I'm not going out in that."

In other news, I took Rylan to the ENT for a hearing test on Friday. He passed the test, but the doctor looked in Rylan's ears and mouth and announced, "This kid is sick." Really? He has NO symptoms. Except apparently he has fluid in his ears and enlarged tonsils. We're supposed to give him some antibiotics and then take him back in a month to see if the fluid in his ears is gone. If it isn't, then we'll know Rylan's speech issues are caused by a hearing problem. If it is gone, they'll redo the hearing test and then we'll start speech therapy.


  1. I hope he doesn't have to get tubes for the fluid in his ears. We just got them for Tyler and although they have worked miracles and we are grateful for them, that was one expensive surgery!

  2. I think both Britti and Amber had to get tubes in their ears.
    Good snowman!


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