Sunday, June 6, 2010

What Happens When You Take a Vegetarian Fishing

Michael decided that he wanted to go fishing for Memorial Day, so he bought a fishing rod and tacklebox off Craigslist and borrowed a kid size rod from a friend.

I do not enjoy fishing. I am a busy type of person, so fishing feels incredibly boring to me. Plus, I think catching and releasing fish is pure torture, and eating fish is disgusting. But I do enjoy lakes.

Cole and Eli took turns fishing with Michael while I entertained the not-fishing-children by playing in the woods.

Cole demanded that I take a picture of him throwing a rock. This was our third try before we finally got it right. (You never know which way to aim when it comes to Cole throwing...)

(Mom, oh expert photographer, why is this picture so fuzzy looking?)

I have always really loved lakes, and after last weekend, I've decided that we need to spend every weekend at the lake (or at the beach like we did this weekend). Raleigh is really the best place on earth with its great lakes and parks, and two hours from the beach in one direction and two hours from the mountains in the other.

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