Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rylan Says...

Rylan: We should get a pet.

Me: What kind?

Rylan: We can't get a dog because Daddy doesn't like dogs, and we can't get a cat because you're allergic.

Me: Good point.

Rylan: When Daddy dies, can we get a puppy?

Me: But you don't like dogs.

Rylan: I didn't say a dog. I said a puppy.

Me: But puppies grow up to be dogs.

Rylan: When it grows up, we'll put it outside.


  1. Doesn't like dogs?! You think you know a guy.

    That doesn't mean he likes cats, does it?

    1. If you mean Michael, see his response below. If you mean Rylan, he likes both dogs and cats from a distance.

  2. I've never said I don't like dogs. And yes, I do prefer cats. But I have been pretty anti-pet since we're living in a rented house.


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