Wednesday, July 11, 2012

George and Jack

George Kells and Rylan Jack

Rylan with George

When my brother was little, he had two stuffed monkeys: Jack and George. He loved the name Jack and always said that someday he'd use that name for his son. Unfortunately for him, I had three sons before he had one, so I got Jack and he was stuck with George.

Besides being the names of Josh's monkeys, both Jack and George are family names. Jack was the name of my Grandpa Alley, who died the year Rylan was born. George is my dad's name, my great-grandfather's name, and my great-great-great-grandfather's name. In other words:

George Alley (2012)
Josh Alley (1981)
George Alley (1955)
John Alley - aka Jack (1920)
George Alley (1878)
Stephen Alley (1832)
George Alley (1792)

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