Sunday, January 27, 2013

We Are Observant

This morning, I got in the shower at 7:15, and an hour later as I was finishing up my hair and make-up, I thought, "It sure is nice to be in a phase of life where my kids are old enough to get themselves ready for church."

At 8:55 as we entered the church building, I heard Michael say to Eli, "Why aren't you wearing your church shoes? You shouldn't wear tennis shoes to church."

I glanced at Eli, then Rylan, and as my eyes went from Rylan's feet to his face, I realized that although he was wearing church shoes, he was also wearing an orange shirt with stains on it and brown pants with a hole in the knee. Not church clothes.

I turned to Michael and said, "I think we failed as parents today."

Rylan and Shelvia
Rylan with our good friend Shelvia
Sadly, this is not the first incident like this. A Facebook post from July 2012:
We tore the house apart this morning looking for Rylan's church pants. Finally gave up and put him in an old pair. Got to church and Michael says, "Eli's pants are really short." He was wearing Rylan's pants! We are awesome parents...

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