Thursday, June 27, 2013

Corsages, Motherhood, and
"Facial-Hairless" Faces

A few weeks before Mother's Day, I read a blog post by a man advising other men what they should do for their wives for Mother's Day, and one of his suggestions was to buy a corsage. For some reason, the comments section exploded over that little suggestion.

"A corsage??!!" one woman exclaimed. "Is it 1982?"

"Corsages are classic," someone else disagreed.

"If you're 80," said another.

On my first reading, I sided with those arguing that corsages are outdated and only worn by old women. But then I realized, No man has ever bought me a corsage ever in my whole life. I didn't go to prom or any other high school dance, so the only people who've given me corsages are my parents and grandparents.

When Michael got home from work that day, I said, "For Mother's Day, I'd like a corsage."

He came through. :)

mothers day

At the beginning of June, I started taking a night class - the first of many I'll be taking over the next year and a half so I can get certified to teach high school in the state of North Carolina. This fall, Rylan will start kindergarten, and I'll start substitute teaching so that when I'm certified I'll have more to put on my resume than "mother to three wonderful boys."

For the past six months, my emotions have been waffling back and forth about this whole working thing. The fact is that I love this motherhood gig. I love the freedom and the flexibility. I love being my own boss. And of course I'm crazy about my little underlings. On the flip side, we could use the extra income, and (though I know this will sound crazy to some people) I get super excited about lesson planning.

So this year was my last time celebrating Mother's Day as a stay at home mom for the foreseeable future. Next year I plan to trade in my minivan for something more fuel efficient. A year after that, I'll have a middle schooler. Such is life...

But enough about me. Let's talk about Michael and how he looks like a 12-year-old without his beard.

mothers day

Some days I'm used to it, and some days I do a double take when I see him. He's been facial-hair-free for nearly two months now, but he had facial hair when I met him and almost all eleven years of our marriage, so it's just kind of weird.

I think it would now be appropriate to take a little walk down memory lane through the history of Michael's facial hair:


Michael 2001

Chin Beard

last show3

Full Beard

December 10 2007 022

Beard but Bald 

bald Michael

The Usual

seeing Wanda's horses


  1. I like the corsage!
    I recognize the navy Yamato shirt he's wearing in the "Chin Beard" pic. Stephan still wears that shirt!

  2. Tyrone has been shaving his head since before I met him. I can't imagine him with hair - and he has a goatee sometimes and sometimes not and if you asked me on any given day if this was a goatee month I'd have to go look at him before I could tell you....

    Loved the whole post.


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