Sunday, October 20, 2013

My apologies.

I have blogwriter's block.

Is this a real affliction? I don't know. Have any of you ever had blogwriter's block?

It's just that I'm realizing that our lives are the same thing on repeat over and over again. Do I really want to write another post about the same old thing we did last year and the year before that and the year before that...

I would like to post about Kellie's wedding, but I didn't take any pictures.

Eventually, I'll think of something to write. In the meantime, here are a few photos from the past few months.

cousinssilly RylanChimney Rock 2013Chimney Rock 2013sillycooke st carnival 2013cooke st carnival 2013


  1. I understand what you mean about blogging about the same thing as the year before. Anna likes to go back and look at the old(er) posts and see pictures of her. I find I use my blog as a scrapbook/photo album/journal all-in-one when I print it out in books. This year I thought, "I don't want to put up pictures of dying Easter eggs again." But I think those "traditions" are fun for the kids to go back and see.
    I know my photo albums I have from growing up consistently have pictures of me in Halloween costumes, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and pool pictures. There are others too, of course, but I can count on those pictures being in there from every year of my childhood.

    1. Becky, you make a very good point about it being fun for the kids. I'm going to try to keep that in mind when posting pictures of Halloween again this year.

  2. I have had blogwriter's block for about 2 years now. I haven't been using Facebook much lately, so I'm gonna have to go back to the blarg to keep everyone up to date. I really hate blogging, but if I don't do it, there is no way Jaime is gonna do it. We have some friends who just do like one post a month (if that) where it is basically just a link to an online album of pictures. I may have to resort to that soon.

    Did you see I put up pictures on Flickr of the camping trip? I think I forgot to tell you:

    There are a bunch of pictures up there from the wedding too.

    1. Josh, it seems weird that Jaime doesn't like to blog since she's so into reading blogs.

      Thanks for the pictures!


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