Sunday, August 3, 2014

Epic Journey 2014: Kentucky

My mom and older sister are major plan-ahead types. Every year, sometime around July, one of them will call me and be like, "So have you given any thought to Christmas?" Um, no. I will give some thought to Christmas in maybe November. First, I've got to give some thought to school starting, Labor Day, Halloween, three birthdays, and Thanksgiving. Then, I can think about Christmas.

To clarify, I am not a spontaneous person. At all. Compared to any normal person, I am also a major plan-ahead type. But my mom and sister are soooo extreme, I come off as spontaneous. (Also around them, I come off as laidback and a slob.)

So anyway, the Alley family has been planning a reunion in Michigan for a good long while now, and after approximately a year of my mom pestering me about my plans, I finally decided a month before the trip that if I had to drive 12 hours to Michigan, I might as well drive eight hours to my parents' house in Kentucky and  spend a couple days there before driving eight more hours to Michigan. Then, I got this bright idea to swing by Nauvoo on the way to the reunion, and if I were going to do that, why not also swing by St. Louis?

So two weeks before the trip, I decided to take the boys on an epic journey around the Midwest. In the Camry. Camping. Without Michael.

Let the journey begin...

2014 at Grammy and Gramps2014 at Grammy and Gramps2014 at Grammy and Gramps2014 at Grammy and Gramps

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