Monday, March 16, 2015

Concert: Circa Survive w/ Balance And Composure

Hopefully this will be a new thing on our blog, recording concerts/shows that Erin and I see. We have seen so many concerts over the years, that I thought it would be nice to have a good record of each one. So to kick off this series, here is what we'll be seeing tonight:

Circa Survive

That song is a couple years old, but I think it's still a good snapshot of what they sound like.

Balance And Composure

I'm very excited about this show since it's 2 bands I've wanted to see for a couple years now. But in the interest of full disclosure, Erin is not that excited. At first I offered to go by myself or maybe even take Cole (he likes some of Circa Survive's stuff) but it being a school night we'd probably end up regretting that. Erin said she didn't want to make me go alone so she'll tag along and probably end up grading papers if we can find a place to sit down :) And in looking back, since we've been married, I don't think there's been a concert that either of us went to alone even if our tastes don't completely overlap.

Anyway, here's to some enjoyable walls of noise tonight!


  1. Well now we need an update to how the concert went.

  2. I had a great team. The sound mixing for Balance and Composure was pretty muddled. They are very much a "wall of sound" band, so doing their live mix would be tricky, but I think I could have done better :)

    I loved Circa Survive! They played a good mix of some of my old favorites as well as a lot of new stuff. They had a nifty light show for an indie band. And more importantly they rocked pretty hard :)

    Erin did not enjoy it at all and graded a lot of papers. We did have some people come and compliment her about her dedication as a teacher so maybe the flattery left her feeling good even if the music did not.


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