Monday, July 11, 2016

Rylan's Appendicitis

In March, I got a call from Rylan's school saying he wasn't feeling well. Michael picked him up from school, set him up with treats and games on the couch, and worked from home the rest of the afternoon. When I got home around 5 or 6, Rylan was writhing on the couch in pain. I asked him where it hurt, he pointed to his right side, and I said, "Michael, I think he needs to go to the emergency room. I think it's appendicitis."

I took him to Rex because it was the nearest hospital, but it turned out that they didn't have a children's surgeon on staff and that I would have to take him to Wake. They told me it would be faster if I took him myself rather than waiting for an ambulance, but because of legal paperwork mumbo jumbo, it took another full hour after that before they released us. Plus, they took out his IV, and it had to be replaced at Wake. So frustrating!

Once we got to Wake, though, things moved pretty quickly, and everyone was treating it like an emergency. Michael arrived at Wake about the time we got there. I had called him from Rex and asked him to come give Rylan a blessing and stay to give me moral support. I was pretty emotional and just needed someone to hold my hand.

Rylan and I had to stay one more day at the hospital, but all went well. Thank goodness for wonderful surgeons and nurses.

In a lot of pain here prior to surgery, but grinning and bearing it.

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