Monday, August 25, 2008

Highlights of Our Trip to the Beach

We spent a few days camping at the beach on the Outer Banks of North Carolina last week. This was my first time to swim in the ocean (the two times I've been to the beach in Florida, it rained the whole time), and I have to say that I definitely prefer lake swimming to ocean swimming. Being slammed in the face by a great big wave is only fun to a point (not to mention my subconscious mind insisting that there are probably sharks lurking out there in the ocean, waiting to take a chunk out of my unsuspecting body). Michael, on the other hand, was in heaven. I've never seen him so excited to go swimming before. His one and a half days of body surfing left him fried (apparently only the second sunburn he's ever had). The boys spent most of their time playing in the sand, agreeing with me that water is more fun when it lies there peacefully like in lakes and swimming pools. I also decided after this trip that I absolutely need an RV.

Of course, our family can't take a trip without someone getting sick, and this time around we got a two for one - first Eli and then Rylan. Our first afternoon after getting back from the beach, Eli threw up and then crawled into the backseat of the car while Michael and I set up the campsite. I found him a few minutes later completely zonked out and wedged under the seat.

Rylan threw up in the middle of the night, which made for fun times sleeping in a tent. The next day, he had a fever, so Michael and I alternated holding him the whole day. Every time I laid him down, he started whimpering and dragged himself back into my arms. My poor baby!


  1. We need to get Stephan & Michael in the ocean together. Stephan loves the whole waveboard thing.
    Sick kids aren't fun in general, can't imagine a sick one (or two) on vacation

  2. Becky, yeah we really need to get you guys to come out with us next time. Renting a house on the beach for a week is pretty reasonable and there's lot of other stuff to do there (canoeing in the sound, fishing, wild life refuge tours, etc).


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