Monday, September 1, 2008

Cole and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

This afternoon, I took Cole and Eli with me to the thrift store. While I was browsing the racks, I saw Cole pick something up off the floor - a small piece of plastic that probably came from one of those marble run toys. I continued shopping, assuming that he would put it back on a shelf, or at least drop it back on the floor. An hour later, we were at Burger King, enjoying a spontaneous ICEE treat when I hear a "clink" on the floor. "What was that?" I said. "Nothing," Cole said. I looked under the table and saw the piece of plastic from the thrift store. *sigh* Apparently, Cole had not only stolen it from the store, but had realized he had done something wrong so tried to get rid of the evidence at Burger King. I spent the next thirty minutes debating whether or not we really needed to take it back since it was a piece of junk that must have fallen out of a box of toys and wasn't something they were really trying to sell. In the end, I dragged Cole back to the store kicking and screaming, gave it back to the storekeeper (while holding Cole who was still kicking and screaming), and apologized (now furiously angry at Cole who was still kicking and screaming).

Warning, swear words ahead...

Fast forward another hour. As I'm sitting in the living room feeding Rylan, I hear Cole start shouting angrily at Eli, ending with "you silly ass!" This is a phrase the boys picked up from the musical version of Peter Pan. I have told them over and over that they can't say it, and finally the last time, Michael threatened to wash their mouth out with soap if they said it again. I had another internal debate - should I pretend I hadn't heard him? - before calling, "Um, Michael..." Michael carried out the punishment, and then we got to hear 30 minutes of Cole wailing, "I didn't mean to say ass. I didn't mean to say ass. I didn't mean to say ass."

The highlight of the day...

We went to the lake for Family Home Evening and rented a paddle boat. Cole was sitting behind me and announced, "I'm glad I'm behind Momma instead of Daddy because I love Momma more."

I said, "Cole, I'd rather you loved us both the same."

Cole replied, "Well, that's too bad because I love you more."


  1. man, hard to imagine Cole doing that...but I think every kid does!

  2. I have spirited children as well, so I can related. What's amazing is that some of them don't grow out of it entirely. Of course, I'm one to talk as I'm still not over my own temper tantrums... :)


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