Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I love Raleigh

I've been meaning to post this pic for two weeks now, and also I need to add a new post just so the latest thing on our blog is not Michael's political rantings. (By the way, from now on you will have to check to see who is posting since Michael has finally decided to participate in the family blog.)

One of Raleigh's nicknames is the "Smithsonian of the South" because they have so many museums here. They also seem to be keen on festivals considering that there has been a festival in Raleigh or one of the outlying towns practically every weekend since we've been here. That's okay, I love small-town-style festivals...

So two weeks ago was Bugfest at Raleigh's Museum of Natural Science, and it was freakin' awesome! Cole looooves bugs, so he had a great time looking at all the displays in the museum. And Michael, Eli, and Cole each got to eat ice cream with toasted ants on top. Yes, you read that right. Toasted ants.

Meanwhile, I attended a workshop on Backyard Beekeeping. Again, freakin' awesome. I am totally getting bees someday.

In other "I love Raleigh" news, I took my kids to the library right before the Bugfest, and the librarian said to Cole, "Your boots are so cute." I mentioned that we were heading over to the Bugfest, and she asked my boys, "Are you going to eat some bugs?" Then she told me my kids are cute and said she hoped we have a good day.

Why is this story significant, you may be wondering...Because I didn't get yelled at by the librarian! And not only didn't I get yelled at, she told me my kids are cute! In Silver Spring, I got scolded by various librarians at least once a month. Apparently, librarians in Maryland don't think my kids are cute (or well-behaved). That is one of the many reasons I am so happy to be back in the South.


  1. Stephan here. After living in the South almost my entire life, I would NEVER live anywhere else. I still don't like rednecks and Republicans, but the atmosphere is just too friendly. I totally agree with you.

  2. South Shmouth! Utah is the Lord's promised land... Oh, please let me leave this wretched place in December!!!!

    So, toasted ants, huh... Did I REALLY read that right. Cause when I read that it sounds like some crazy person toasted some insects and put them on your sons' ice creams. And you and Michael willingly allowed it. They were really nerds or chocolate crunch bits, right? I once ate three ants for no reason other than to gross out some friends. They weren't toasted and were alive. I won't tell you my age though.

  3. Stephan,

    After spending some time away, I'm in total agreement. There are lots of people to avoid (I probably still harbour some resentments against them from my time in High School) but I definitely prefer the South. The pace of life, the niceness, the greenery. I had actually forgotten that people said hello to you even if they don't know you in the South.

    So when are you guys coming to visit us here in Raleigh :)

  4. legrand,

    No tricks, no wordplays. They really were toasted ants. And it wasn't just the boys who ate them, I did too. They were pretty flavorless and basically just added some "crunch" to the ice cream :)

  5. We can't make it over there until I at least finish up this semester. It's the "hard" semester and I don't even see Becky that much. But we're planning in it.


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