Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Schmorgasborg of Peters

Michael has accused me of neglecting this blog for my other one, so here are some fun glimpses into life at the Peters' house.

Cole Says...
Cole: I'm voting for John McCain.
Me: I'm voting for Barack Obama.
Cole: I think he's dead.

How Rylan Spends His Time
Rylan loves balls and technology:

Cole and Eli Puppets
I drew these pictures of Cole and Eli for Cole and Eli. They made them into puppets.


  1. So where's the video of the puppet show?

  2. Sadly, you can't hear what the boys are saying in the puppet show, so I opted for the pre-puppet show video instead.

  3. Well shoot.

    I still laugh every time you put up a picture or video of Ry Ry and get a good close up of his hair. Are the other boys jealous that you take the younger brother to a salon to get his hair did?

  4. I am jealous of Ry-Ry's hair! I wish I had natural highlights and curls like his!


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