Monday, October 27, 2008

Time Wasting Games

Being a software developer I'm constantly connected to the internet while working. There are also some "lulls" during the day where I can't really do much work (code is compiling, tests are running, etc). This leaves me exposed to the evils of the inter-tubes and on occasion I am lured into the dark pits of online games. I'm not a big gamer and most of the things I play are short 5-10 minute games that are very geeky (engineering, strategy or zombie killing) but I thought I'd take a short post to tell you about some of them with the hopes of infecting more people. Remember, wickedness enjoys company :)

Desktop Tower Defense
Build a maze of towers to try and shoot little bug like things as they crawl across your desk. Seems very simple (has a nice hand-drawn feel to it) until more and more bugs start coming. And after you've beaten the easy levels there are lots of variations you can play that are harder or more fun.

A simple strategy game in the vein of Risk. You protect your territories with stacks of dice and you try to invade other's countries. Most of the time when I'm playing computer games I prefer to play solo (some people get crazy involved with online gaming groups) but this is a nice fun little game where you are actually playing against other people.

The Last Stand
Kill the zombies before they kill you. If you need more information than that then you've never had the pleasure of killing zombies.

Fantastic Contraption
This is a really neat game that will make you want to be an engineer. And if you already are then it will definitely stroke the geeky part of your brain. Each level is a different task of moving a red object (usually a ball) from one part of the screen to the other. To do this you must construct a contraption out of sticks and balls.

If you try any of these out, let me know how it goes. And if you have any other time wasters that really enslave you, let us all know so we can enjoy the chains together :)


  1. Oh man. I love that Fantastic Contraption one. In fact, I just took a test and rushed through it as fast as i could, so I could get back to that game!

  2. I know this is really going to make me sound like a nerd, but when I got to the harder levels of Fantastic Contraption and I had a puzzle I couldn't solve, I would think about it in bed when I couldn't sleep. And I'm pretty darned sure that I dreamed about them too.

    Feel free to make fun of my glasses and pocket protector now :)


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