Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spring Fun with The Peters Family Band

I took Rylan, Eli, and Kenny to a strawberry farm on Thursday (sadly I forgot my camera). They were amazingly good and even helped, so I kept picking and picking. Tip for any parents who want to take their kids strawberry picking: Bring a wagon, put a bucket of strawberries in it, and let them have at it.

We ended up with five 5-lb buckets plus I threw in an extra 5-lb box to make a total of 30 pounds of strawberries.

We ate one bucket, made one and a half into jam, made half of one into syrup, froze two, and I'm going to dry one. Another first attempt at domesticity for me.

Michael spent the weekend building a trellis for our garden so we can train the squash and cucumbers to climb up and away from the corn they're suffocating. We also staked all of the corn because the soil mixture we used is too light and fluffy.

And our tomato plants have turned into trees.

But we have tomatoes!


  1. Do I have a nephew named Kenny that I don't know about?

  2. I'd adopt Kenny in a heartbeat, but no, he's just a kid I watch. He's rylan's best friend.


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