Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Adventures of Tomato Man
by Nicolus Peters

My superhero has the power of trowing tomatos. his enimie are the fry guys. he is a tomato because it was the best choice that god could pick.

My villian has the power to breath fire. they'r enimie is tomato man. the shy frys are shy because yellow is a very shy coler.

one day tum was resting. he turned on the radio and heard this: the shy frys just robbed the bank.

tum aka tomato man zoomed out the window and tried to fight the boiling bad guys. But it was to late.

the shy frys bounced, flew and ran to they're lab and zapped the money. the money was now potion to make food. Bad food.

tomato man dashed right in there. He tried to fight the boiling bad guys but they turned him into a hot tomato.

Just then tomato man shot the water tomato which made the fire go down. Then he jumped out and shot the ice tomato and froze them.

He zapped the potion with the ray again and turned them into money. Then he returned them back to the bank and got a reward.

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