Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Helper Rylan

Still boredomsville around here, so I thought I'd take a few posts and highlight some of the ways I love my kids, their talents, and interests. First up...Rylan

If you've known me awhile, you might know that although I love being with my kids, I've always been paranoid about being bored as a SAHM. To prevent boredom, I've done everything from work part-time from home, run an online book club, blog like crazy, and get involved with various environmental organizations.

The point is that when Eli started kindergarten last fall and I knew it was going to be just me and Rylan at home, I was worried again that I'd be bored. Instead, I've found that Rylan is a delight to have all to myself. I really think we're developing a special relationship due to our alone time together, and it's nice since Rylan has always been Daddy's boy.

cleaning Rylan

Tuesday through Friday mornings,
we either have Joy School or play dates, but on Mondays when I do my Big Jobs, Rylan is my little helper. He follows me around with a dust rag and helps me get the house clean. He pulls up a stool next to the counter while I'm making bread and insists on turning the Bosch on and off. He helps me so often with cooking that I wonder if he'll be a chef when he grows up. Or maybe I'll be able to turn some of the weeknight cooking over to him when he's a teenager like my mom did with me.

cleaning Rylan

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