Sunday, April 10, 2011

Growing in the Garden

in the garden

in the garden

in the garden

If that darn squirrel doesn't dig up everything, we should be getting a ton of greens in the next couple weeks.

Yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon weeding our front lawn. The people building the new house across the street put sod in a couple weeks ago, and now I have lawn envy. I've long been a proponent of natural lawns, but I think ours has gotten a bit out of hand. As I told Michael, I don't mind the wildflowers - I kind of like them. What I mind are the bare patches and the mud.

So anyway, because I'm anti-herbicides, I had to dig out all of the weeds by hand and it took all afternoon, but I love working in the yard so I didn't mind. Then Michael spread some grass seed, and hopefully in a couple weeks, our front yard will at least look passable.

There's no point in bothering with the backyard...

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