Sunday, April 10, 2011

While I Was Gone

I flew up to Philly last weekend to see my sisters and mom. This is what happened in Philly:

Erin haircut

This is what happened at home: "We got to watch TV all day on Saturday and then we ate hot dogs and french fries, and Daddy let us play Wii all day on Sunday, and we got to go to McDonalds..." (in Eli's words)

This is what one of the Joy School kids said when he saw my new haircut: "Your hair is different, but you're still Miss Erin."

And another kid waited until halfway through Joy School to exclaim, "You got a haircut!"


  1. I absolutely love it! Perfect!!! And just in time for summer....

  2. Oh, and this explains why husbands always seem to think 'it was so easy to watch kids all weekend, I don't know what your problem is'!

  3. I liked Jessica's comments!
    Your haircut looks great on you! I couldn't pull it off.


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