Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh yeah, Eli turned six

Eli's birthday

I was telling a friend tonight about Eli's ridiculous birthday cake and remembered that I never posted pictures of his birthday.

We did another very simple celebration - my favorite! He invited one friend to go with us to Chuck E Cheese, and then we went home for cake, ice cream, and presents before driving the friend home.

The only downside of the party was this super embarrassing cake that I made. Eli asked for strawberry frosting, so I looked up a recipe that was basically just a buttercream frosting with fresh strawberries mixed in. It turned out super runny, but I'd already used every bag of powdered sugar that we had in the house, so I went ahead and frosted the cake. Almost immediately, it started oozing down the side of the cake, and by the time Eli blew out the candles, it was dripping off the plate. Luckily it still tasted good!

Eli's birthday

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