Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hey, whaddaya know! I'm a Mormon!

Thank you, Amy, for the flowers!

My Mormon.org profile was finally approved. It took a week and a half, during which time someone somewhere out in Utah was looking over what I wrote to make sure I didn't fabricate any falsehoods about the church or teach incorrect doctrine. I was on pins and needles, but phew! I passed... ;)

Take a look!

Speaking of which, on the drive home from church on Sunday, I decided to bear my testimony to my children because it was fast Sunday and I realized that I have never once shared my testimony during fast and testimony meeting in front of my children. And the reason I have never done so is because of what happened while I was trying to bear my testimony while driving home from church: Tears started streaming uncontrollably down my cheeks, and I got so choked up, I could hardly get the words out.

So if any of you dear friends happened to pass me on the road after church on Sunday, I was crying because I'm an emotional fool. Not because Michael is out of town on my birthday.

Speaking of which, today is my birthday. Happy 33rd to me!

1 comment:

  1. Happy belated birthday. Michael better make it up to you if he knows what's good for him. :)


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