Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Is It Too Late for Christmas Photos?

Every year without fail, I hear people talking about slowing down the holiday season, cutting back on activities, or letting go of traditions. That is not the type of Christmas I want. December is the busiest time of year for the Peters Family Band, and I wouldn't have it any other way. The parties, the presents, the music, the lights, the time with family, the constant mindfulness of the Savior and his birth...Thanks to Christmas, I barely notice the cold, grey, wintry days of December until the longest night of the year has already passed.

(If only there were a second Christmas to get me through February....)

Christmas 2011

ward Christmas party ward Christmas party

I don't want to be awake yet...but I'll pretend like I'm happy to be here.

ward Christmas party ward Christmas party

Rylan the Shepherd. Cole the very happy Wiseman.

ward Christmas party

Letters to Santa

Christmas Christmas

Santa Presents


And more presents...

Christmas 2011Christmas 2011Christmas 2011Christmas 2011

Seeing the lights at Opryland Hotel

Christmas Christmas

A lesson on baptism in honor of our little eight-year-old

playing a game

Don't let the pigeon drive the bus!

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