Sunday, August 5, 2012

If today were an ice cream sundae

Our internet was out for a week due to a variety of circumstances, and it was just about the death of me. But then when we finally got it up and running again, I sat down at the computer to blog and discovered that I had nothing to say. This happened again tonight when the boys and I sat down to write in our journals. My journal entry has exactly one paragraph and then "um..."

Apparently, life around here has been kind of boring.

So here are a few random things.


Michael is obsessive about watching the Olympics. Seriously, do we need to stay up until midnight to watch beach volleyball again? But the other night when our internet came back on, I was sitting at the computer catching up on life when Michael called to me, "Hey, Erin, the men's diving is on."

I said, "So?"

He said, "It's just that I know you like the swimsuits."

And then I was like, Oh, yeah. I do like watching men's diving...

Isn't he the best husband, ever? :)

(Okay, Internet, I think we have a problem. I just tried finding a picture of the men's diving just in case some poor girl out there didn't know what I was talking about, and I couldn't find a single really awesome shot where they walk around with their butt crack showing. Really, Internet? Really?)

(If I were to print this blog out into a book and show it to my grandchildren someday, would they be completely mortified by this post?)


I have this thing where I hate getting ready for bed. I will seriously waste hours at the computer just to avoid washing my face. I also don't like changing clothes. (I think this means I am not really a girl.) Once I am dressed for the day, that is it. Do not expect me to change out of my dress so I can take a nap on Sunday. I will take a nap in my dress. And then once the dress is all wrinkled, I'll go visiting teaching. But I might choose to wear shoes that don't match the dress if they are more comfortable.


On Friday nights while Michael gambles away our fortune at the poker table, I've been working some more on that Novel No One But Me Will Ever Read, and I keep having this problem where my characters want to curse. I find this fascinating because I personally never say bad words, not even inside my own head. I'm not one of those people who gets really angry and a "damn" slips out. Even in my thoughts, it is always "darnit" and "shoot" and "crap," which shows you just how Molly Mormon I am.

Lately, my boys have gotten big into saying, "Oh my gosh." They have picked this up from their friends at school, and it makes me cringe every single time. This is fascinating too because I don't cringe when adults say "oh my god." It just sounds weird coming out of the mouths of my own kids.

(In case I haven't proven how Molly Mormon I am, I almost never say "oh my gosh." I say, "Oh my goodness.")


Apparently, zucchini is the easiest plant to grow ever, and for the life of me I cannot get one to grow in my garden. I think I'm a pretty good gardener, but zucchini is my nemesis.

Also, pumpkin...Eli brought home a pumpkin seed from school, so of course we had to plant it. The vines have taken over half of the yard, but so far, we only have two pumpkins growing on it.

garden 2012

Canteloupe, though, I can do.

garden 2012


Eli said, "If today were an ice cream sundae, it would have three cherries on top."

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