Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dear random Mormon person...

Dear random Mormon person who feels the need to make politically-charged comments at church,

It annoys me when you assume that all Mormons share the same political beliefs. (We do not.)

It drives me crazy when you imply that I am going to hell if I vote for a Democrat or that the Democratic party is bringing about the destruction of mankind. (Frankly, I could make the same argument about Republicans, though I never do and never would.)

When you say these things at Enrichment Meeting or play group or book club or on Facebook, I am willing to turn the other cheek (or unsubscribe to your Facebook posts). You're a nice person, I'm a nice person. It's no biggie to let those comments roll right off my back.

But for heaven's sake, if you can't leave your politics at home on Sundays, I am going to have start taking drastic action.

A few possibilities:
  • Loud, rude coughs
  • Hysterical laughter
  • Commenting, "I think that part might have been left out of my scriptures."
  • Getting some buttons made that say "I'm a Democrat" and wearing them to church every Sunday. Or maybe t-shirts.
I would hate to have to resort to any of these options because personally, I just don't think that politics belong at church. I am there to worship my Savior, to feel the Spirit, and to fellowship in love with my brothers and sisters. It would be really awesome if you would leave politics out of it.


Your friendly Mormon Democrat


  1. I'm not a Democrat, but AMEN! I may wear that button if you send me one.

  2. Or how about a "Not Voting for Romney" button. I'm sure that would get a lot of comments and gasps and calls to repentance. :)

  3. I'd wear a button!

    If you're black and mormon who do people think you will vote for?

  4. My pet peeve is when people refer to Mitt Romney as "Brother Romney" but would never call Harry Reid "Brother Reid". Makes me want to get a Sojourner's "God is not a Republican" bumper sticker - http://store.sojo.net/product_p/stkr_gin.htm


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