Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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1. Our local Ace Hardware has a new display of sodas. There are about 20 kinds, and probably half of them are different brands of root beer. My first thought was, "Who knew there were so many kinds of root beer in the world?" My second thought was, "A challenge!" Rylan and I are slowly making our way through all 20 sodas.

2. On the bus.

3. The sign behind Cole says, "The average person unknowingly consumes a pound of bugs each year."

4-6. Rylan and I have been killing a lot of time at Marbles lately.

7. Our neighborhood has been invaded by pirates.

8. Eli and I went on a date to the Raleighwood Cinema Grill, a theatre that combines the dinner and a movie experience.

9. Our table at the end of a typical day.

10. Whoever arranged the playgroup at PetSmart, I love you! We had so much fun!

11-12. We walked into the library on Saturday, and the librarian said, "Are you here for the tae kwon do class?" I was like, What?! Tae kwon do at the library? Holy smokes, it was the best thing ever!!! Cole and Eli each broke a board with their bare hand.

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