Saturday, October 27, 2012

New (to us) Furniture

new furniture

 We got new couches off of craigslist. We are now ready for company.

(Apparently, I like the color burnt orange so much that I've decorated my living room with a burnt orange rug, blanket, pillows, painting, candle, grassy decoration, and now - thanks to some friends - a burnt orange jacket for Eli. Also, coincidentally, my front door is burnt orange.)

Update: I should have included this funny story about these couches...I'd been watching Craigslist for awhile, looking for the right couches. When I saw these, I contacted the seller, who replied back with an email address that was in my contacts already. It turned out to be a girl I'd met a few times at book club. Such a weird and funny coincidence!


  1. Looks great! Perfect new trampoline for the boys?!?

  2. Beautiful furniture! I love the burnt orange too, you pull it off well!


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