Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Conversations with Cole

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I love talking to Cole. He's crazy intelligent and curious, but since he's nine, he often comes to unique conclusions that are logical to him but may or may not be correct. Sometimes this drives me crazy; he can be stubborn and hates to admit when he's wrong (remind you of anyone?). But often, the things that come out of his mouth make me smile, make me think, and make me really like him.

Some sample conversations with Cole, all recorded on one day:


Cole: Does Ashton have a girlfriend?

Me: No, and anyway he can't date until he's 16, so what would be the point of having a girlfriend?...Do you know who else has that rule about not dating until you're 16?

Cole: No. Who?

Me: Us.

Cole: I don't care. I wouldn't want to go on a date with a girl anyway.


During a conversation that started about hunting and morphed into factory farms...

Cole: Why are there factory farms anyway?

Me: Lots of people want to eat a lot of meat, and that's the solution people have come up with. What's the solution you'd come up with?

Cole: Why don't we just get cows really fat? Then we wouldn't need so many.

Me: One really fat cow still doesn't have as much meat as two cows. Anyway, you'd still need a place for the cows to graze.

Cole: Why don't we knock down a bunch of buildings so we have more land?

Me: Where would people live?

Cole: Why can't we just put cows on roofs?


Cole: Don't you wish that there were robots to do all your work for you?

Me: No, because then I'd get fat and lazy.

Cole: No you wouldn't because you could still go running and do exercise.

[I hate running...]

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