Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Egg-stravaganza

Our neighbor arranged a little Easter egg hunt down on the greenway. She asked if Cole and Eli would be participating: "When do kids get too old for Easter egg hunts?"

I replied, "Never, as long as it involves candy."

Truth be told, my kids have never participated in an Easter egg hunt before, so there's no way Cole and Eli could have outgrown the novelty yet. My family's Easter tradition was that the Easter bunny would hide candy all over our house (the actual candy, not plastic eggs filled with candy), and I always thought it was the greatest thing ever because every year around June, someone would stumble upon a foil-wrapped chocolate egg that had been missed. Plus, if my choice is between celebrating Easter with my immediate family while lounging on the couch in my pajamas versus celebrating Easter with a bunch of strangers while stressing out over my big kids knocking down little toddlers in an attempt to get the most's not much of a choice, is it?

But since I like this neighbor, we decided to join the hunt this year, and boy was I proud of Cole for kindly sharing his hoard with the littler kids. Plus since they already had baskets full of candy, the Easter Bunny didn't need to come this year, which made Sunday morning before church a lot less stressful.

Easter egg huntEaster egg huntEaster egg hunt

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