Friday, January 3, 2014

59 Books in 2013

I'm continuing to challenge myself to read 50 books a year. In 2013, I either did awesome (59 books!) or I cheated (based on the number of books that are children's books or graphic novels).

As part of my challenge, I pick an author to read in-depth. Last year was Margaret Atwood. This year, I chose Ian McEwan based solely on the fact that I adored Atonement. After reading five more of his books, I've got to say that for me, he's a one hit wonder. Fabulous prose, yes. Boring stories? Also yes.

I read Melina Marcheta's Printz Award-winning novel Jellicoe Road in January and then devoured every other book of hers that my library has. Then I read Jellicoe Road a second time.

This book I adored: Okay for Now: *****

So I read these other books by the same author (Gary D. Schmidt):

This book I HATED:  Gone Girl: **

This book made me think more than any other book I read this year, so I wish I could change it to a higher rating, but there were also many, many parts that I want to erase from my brain: A Visit from the Goon Squad: ***

Two series:

Some non-fiction:

I read a few graphic novel-esque books:
And the rest:

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