Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Latest and Greatest in Extracurricular Activities

Soccer season came and went without me taking a single photograph. Have I mentioned how much I hate soccer season? And it has only gotten worse since I started working....

In October, all of the boys decided to try out some new sports. I found a super inexpensive tae kwon do class for Rylan through Raleigh Parks and Rec. Despite being the boy who loves pink and princesses, Rylan is the most physical of all of my children and loves to play fight. Tae kwon do has been a great fit for him.

This past month, since hockey ended (see below), Eli decided to try out tae kwon do also. After his first class, I said, "How was it?"

He shrugged, which is his way of saying he doesn't really want to tell me.

"Harder than you thought it would be?"

"I guess."

"You think you owe Rylan a little respect now?"

"I guess," which is his way of saying definitely but I don't want to admit it.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Cole and Eli got to try out ice hockey through the Boys and Girls Club. Needing more kids for their hockey team, the director of the Boys and Girls Club practically begged the boys to join. Michael and I were excited because it was a good opportunity for them to try out for free a sport that we otherwise would not be willing to pay for.

The verdict: Eli loved it and wants to continue playing. Cole, meh.


All three boys continue to take piano lessons, and Cole and Eli have continued with percussion in their school band. Their band concert was absolutely wonderful, and I wish I had recorded some of it.

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  1. I should put Tyler in Tae Kwan Do, he needs a good release of energy and a chance to be physical without getting in trouble for it!


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