Monday, July 6, 2015


At my dad's suggestion, Michael and I recently watched all 8 seasons of the show Psych. In one of the last episodes, the two main characters open up a food truck where they serve mash-up foods - things that don't seem to go together but that they serve together anyway. Like Fruit Loop quesadillas.

As we watched, I was like, "Fruit Loop quesadillas? Intriguing?"

So the next day, the boys and I tried them out. Except that we had to use Fruity Pebbles instead of Fruit Loops because we couldn't find generic Fruit Loops at Food Lion, and I won't pay more than $2 for a box of cereal.

So Fruity Pebble Quesadillas.

Fruity QuesadillasFruity Quesadillas

The verdict was...neutral. They weren't nasty-I-can't-eat-this, but they also weren't this-is-the-greatest!!! They were just okay. We all ate them; we wouldn't make them again.

I know you were all going to try this tonight. Sorry to disappoint...


  1. But I'm really intrigued now...especially with my fave cereal Fruity Pebbles!!

  2. I love Psych! That is so awesome that you guys tried them out. Fruity Pebbles is my favorite cereal!


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