Monday, July 6, 2015

Ashton's Graduation

In June, we drove up to Philly to celebrate Ashton's graduation from high school. We got to Miriam's in the middle of the night on Friday. On Saturday, Miriam and Shane threw a huge party for Ashton (including the best cornbread I have ever eaten in my life). On Sunday, Kellie and Alex threw a little party for Robbie, who was turning one. We left in the early evening for the return trip to Raleigh. A whirlwind trip, but wonderful to see my family!

On Saturday morning, Shane mowed the lawn with their riding mower, and the two motor-loving kids in the family got to go for a drive. First Robbie...

Ashton's graduation

Then Rylan. Here's Rylan's reaction when he found out Shane would let him drive:

Ashton's graduation

Rylan is a madman behind the wheel, whipping around the yard so fast, I was afraid they might flip. Shane was a patient teacher, though, and let him drive to his heart's content.

Ashton's graduationAshton's graduation

You can really see the joy on his face. Best day of his life!

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  1. He talked about it later, when Grammy gave us a behind-the-tractor rides. He was like "did you know I've driven one of these before??!!"


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