Sunday, March 14, 2010

This Week in Warm Weather News

We made kites last week for Joy School. Of course the wind did not cooperate that day, but the boys still had fun making their kites "fly."

Eli's kite

Rylan's kite

Rylan's kite

We also started digging up the backyard to put in our garden. I have big, big plans, and I'm hoping the landlords never decide to visit. They told us we could put in a garden, but I'm not sure they meant for the whole yard to be turned into a garden. That's what I meant though.

In Phase 1 of my garden plan, we're putting four "square foot garden" beds in the backyard. This weekend, we got one spot dug, and the frames for the four beds put together. It's a much bigger project than I was expecting.


  1. That's so funny that that's what you meant! ha!
    If the landlords do care, just give them some of the goods and they will be just fine.


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