Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Eli!

Eli turned five this year. Every year, we tell the kids we're spending a set amount on their birthday, and they can help us plan a party with that money or they can choose not to have a party and the full amount will go toward presents. This year, Eli chose "lots of presents."

He got:

a dinosaur coloring book

a bike helmet, bike pump, training wheels, and bell to go with his new bike (not pictured)

a scooter

a drum

Eli has wanted to play drums since birth, so two Christmases ago we found him an electronic drum at a thrift store. It broke soon after. For his last birthday, we got him real drumsticks, and he does enjoy banging on cans and bins with those. But when he saw this drum in the Marbles gift shop, he decided he had to have it. The darn thing was $50, so it better last! I have to admit that it's pretty cool, though, and much quieter than a real drum would be.

And last but not least, here's the cake I made for him:

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