Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Playground Pictures

We have an absolutely fabulous brand new playground around the corner of our house. It was built by Kaboom, an organization that goes around the country building playgrounds to try to encourage children to spend more time outside. They seem to focus especially on neighborhoods with low-income/at-risk children. Aren't we so lucky to live in a "transitional" neighborhood?

This last picture is Kenny, the little boy I watch on Thursday mornings. He's the exact same age as Rylan, but amazingly coordinated. I've watched him hop down the steps in front of my house - about gave me a heart attack!

I've watched a lot of kids in my career as a mom, and there are some that I just never warmed up to, even though I saw them all the time. I'm happy to say that Kenny is so easy to love. I could watch him every day all day and never get tired of seeing him. And Rylan loves him too!

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