Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eli Says...

I was driving somewhere listening to a new CD Michael had bought (Motion City Soundtrack - "My Dinosaur Life") when the singer sang, "You stupid M-Fers." (only not abbreviated...)

Eli gasped. "Momma! He said stupid!"

(I've been debating about whether or not to share this one because it reveals that Michael and I do not always make the best music choices. But it is just too hilarious to keep to myself.)

(For the record, we do censor our music when the kids are in the car. This one caught me off guard because I hadn't listened to it before, and Michael didn't warn me.)


  1. that is quite funny! it's also a great sign that your kids are still sweet and innocent!

  2. Funny! And it intrigues me that he goes to the word "stupid" as an equivalent. What's your policy on that?

  3. Leigh - We let them say stupid as long as they aren't talking about each other, but lots of their friends' families treat it as a bad word, so I guess it's rubbed off. They can't get over the Weezer song "In the Garage" - something like "I write these stupid songs."


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