Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh yeah, Rylan had a birthday too.

I like to keep birthdays pretty low key around here. With the older two, I give them the option of having a bigger party or having more presents, but for Rylan, I decided just to have a small party (and we didn't get him many presents - it's tough being the third!)

He decided that he wanted to invite his friend K over to play Wii, but then K ended up taking a nap right at the time of the party!

mario kart

K's mom and brother J came over, and we played Mario Kart. Rylan loves anything to do with cars. This is the kid who will take a toy car to bed with him like some kids will take a teddy bear. (He's also the kid that loves princesses.)

Rylan's birthday

Rylan's birthday

We got him a Matchbox car Lightning McQueen set, and my parents got him a Lightning McQueen Duplos set. Rylan is one happy kid.

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