Thursday, December 2, 2010

This Year's Christmas Countdown

Along with some very lousy pictures. Obviously I have no idea how to take pictures of lights. (Tips are welcome)

advent calendar

But I did catch Rylan's funny face - even if it's blurry.

advent calendar

Christmas Countdown
  1. Read a holiday book.
  2. Shop for Holiday Magic Angel present.
  3. Decorate tree.
  4. Attend state Community Christmas Celebration.
  5. Make Christmas cards.
  6. Celebrate Rylan's birthday.
  7. Paint nativities.
  8. Read a holiday book.
  9. See the lights at Lake Myra.
  10. Attend ward Christmas party.
  11. Daddy picks dinner.
  12. Make secret elf gifts.
  13. Deliver secret elf gifts.
  14. Eli picks dinner.
  15. Read a holiday book.
  16. Make gifts for friends.
  17. Make gifts for teachers.
  18. Joy School Christmas party.
  19. Momma picks dinner.
  20. Cole picks dinner.
  21. Go carolling.
  22. Watch a holiday movie.
  23. Travel to Miriam's.
  24. Christmas Eve.
  25. Christmas Day.
Each of these activities is written on a piece of paper and slipped inside the cases on the tree pictured above. We used Maya's tutorial for a toilet paper advent calendar. Choosing what to do on each day was a little difficult this year with Young Women's, so there are lots of nights where we're just reading a holiday book.

May the countdown begin!

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