Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shhh...Christmas presents

(I'm scheduling this to post after Christmas, so it shouldn't spoil any surprises.)

Kellie's scarf

scarf for Kellie



nativities for Josh and fam, Stephan and fam, Grammy and Gramps, and Grandma and Grandpa

dishcloths for Miriam - these are actually the ones I made for myself, but hers are the same concept

Post Christmas, I plan to crochet a scarf for Michael, make some mittens and hats for the boys using felted wool, and sew some more aprons and capes for the Joy School kids.


  1. and I will say that I love my scarf very much!!

  2. The nativity set entertained Anna for a LOOONG time during sacrament mtg. today. :)


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