Sunday, March 27, 2011

Additions to the English Language

Back when Cole was little he would always calls his pajamas "jamamas". So that became an actual word in our house and that's what both Eli and Rylan learned to call them. It got so bad that whenever we tried to actually call them "pajamas" they would look at us funny. So we still call them "jamamas" to this day.

Rylan gets better every day at English, but his pronunciation skills are still quite lacking. Today Rylan wanted some more ketchup on his hash browns and I told him he had enough already. His response was "n'uh, that's only a hootabit". This made me look at him with my eye brow cocked. I then turned to Erin and she informed me that this was how he said "little bit".

Hootabit is such a cool word that we've decided to add it to our Peters family lexicon. Please join us in spreading these 2 new additions to the English language. In fact, even if the conversation has nothing to do with pajamas, please inject the words "jamamas" or "hootabit" into the conversation just so you can tell people what it means. It's a noble cause and I'm sure future generations of English speakers will thank you.


  1. Don't give us too many words to learn now. As adults, it is harder to learn a new language. I think I can woojally learn a couple new words a week!!

  2. New one from Rylan: the hairy room (aka livingroom)


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