Saturday, August 6, 2011

Peters Family Band is Open to the Public!

And now comes in Super Size!

I started thinking a few days ago about de-privatizing our blog to make it more accessible to friends and family. I've been stubborn about keeping it private not because I worry about my kids being kidnapped or some other unsubstantiated fear but because of a half-formed notion that I need to respect my children's privacy. You know, in case they run for president some day...

So with this blog open to the public, you will no longer have the privilege of viewing naked pictures of my sunburned children, and Cole has absolutely demanded that I quit posting Cole Says. But! You will be able to add this blog to your feed reader, enabling you to follow the adventures of the Peters Family Band with greater ease.


  1. Boo! We love "Cole Says..." I am a fan of putting this in my google reader, though.


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