Sunday, August 7, 2011

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Because Michael had to work on Saturday
and because the weather felt a little bit less like standing on top of a soup bowl than is typical for August in North Carolina, I decided to take the kids on a little nature excursion at Lake Johnson.

For those of you not in Raleigh, Lake Johnson is a lake (duh!) with canoes and paddle boats that you can rent and a bridge for fishing off of and a trail for walking on. It does not have a) a playground or b) anything resembling a playground.

It does have ducks.

In my mind, the kids would have some connecting-with-nature time while I sat on a bench and read a book. In reality, they saw said ducks, and since they didn't have any bread to feed to said ducks, they decided (as any boy would) to throw rocks at said ducks.

I allowed this to go on for about 15 minutes or so, and then my vegetarian conscious got the better of me. I suggested that we go for a walk along the trail.

Note to future hikers around Lake Johnson: the signs that say "Lake Trail" do not mean "trail that goes around the lake." If you want to take the trail that goes around the lake, you need to follow the signs that say "Scenic Overlook." If you follow the signs that say "Lake Trail," you will end up at NC State. More importantly, if you follow the signs that say "Lake Trail," you will end up walking for two miles with no water and no stroller wondering when you're going to get to the other side of the lake. And then you'll end up walking two more miles back with no water and no stroller and a three-year-old riding piggyback and six and seven-year-olds whining about not having any water.

But overall, you will still consider it a good day.

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